Royal Healthcare Providers

Thursday, 01 Oct 2020


Royal Healthcare Providers is a dedicated group of clinical professionals in our network of medical assistance in Greece and her islands, most European countries, Israeli and new to our network of medical doctors and clinics in 2011 is Finland. Our services can afford to offer quality, outpatient and inpatient hospitalization to visitors who happen to need medical attention while on holiday or business.

Physician visits / house calls

Royal Healthcare Providers was established by a team of doctors who saw a need in the tourist sector for a medical emergency assistance company which could provide house calls (complete and immediate medical attention) at the place of accommodation and to assist in further impediments of out and in patient care. We work closely with hospitals, travel insurance companies and assistance companies as we are their liaison for coverage of events and organization of ground ambulance or air ambulance flights with doctor escort. Our doctors’ strong network of contacts with colleagues of physicians, hospitals and clinics combined with our knowledge of the Greek health infrastructure, is the reason why we are highly regarded.


Repatriation procedures are dealt with efficiency and sensitivity to the family. We handle all paper work with consulates and insurance companies and freight reservation with airlines.


Our network of contacts enables us to arrange and meet all travel related needs in any emergency situation in Greece and her islands. In Crete, ambulance transport to and from your clients' residence to medical centres, hospitals and airport is available as are medical doctor specialists. In Rhodes we have medical specialists to attend to major and minor ailments and provide road car transport if necessary.

Our group of medical specialists

We can cover all types of emergencies, major or minor as the fields range from cardiologists, paediatricians, orthopaedists, surgeons, microbiologists, radiologists and gastroenterologists, to name a few.

Medical reports / cost control

Royal Healthcare administrative team are the backbone of the medical team who negotiate expenses and work with the hospitals, medical clinics and insurance companies to finalize all costs. Major international travel and health insurance companies look to us to represent their patients while they holiday in Greece, in Europe and in Finland because we are prompt, flexible and efficient. We work effectively to provide medical assistance in human and financial terms because we have gained wide experience as health providers and as intermediates to Russian, European and Israeli travel insurance companies and their assistance companies. This is especially important in cases where pre-existing medical conditions apply and our experienced staff needs to conform to the assistance companies' instructions and reassure the clients at the same time, that all is being done to look after them without hassle and unnecessary delays. The medical reports of doctor's visits are invoiced directly to insuance companies so as to not burden patients. All necessary paperwork and correspondence is handled by our administrative staff that has direct contact with insurance's assistance companies. The team of staff is multi lingual and your language can be accommodated. In fact, Royal Healthcare Providers operates a Russian department which assists with a full staff of Russian speaking personnel.